Saturday, January 15, 2011



The Samadhi (memorial) of these famous singer sisters, Tana and Riri, has been built in southern direction of the Vadnagar. Presently, as a tribute to these sisters, a musical programme is being organised every year as per the Hindu Calendar on the day of Magsar Sud-9. (i.e. in October/November).

The singer sisters have a unique story behind them that led them to take Jal Samadhi (jumping into the water to end life) and made them famous. The incident took place when some jealous ministers misguided the Great Mughal King Akbar to order his favourite royal singer, Tansen, to sing the Raag Deepak, which posses the power to kill the singer by burning his body from within, unless otherwise at the same time another singer or singers sing the Raag Malhar to counter balance it. The Raag Malhar has power to bring rain, in any season, and cooling and soothing down the burning body of the singer of the Raag Dipak. Thus to save the life of Tansen from the evil effect of the Raag Dipak, Tana and Riri had sang Raag Malhar. However, later when Badshah Akbar learnt the incident, he summoned the sisters to his court in Delhi. But, under the fear of unsure of the real motive of King Akbar's summons, the sisters ended their lives by taking the Jal-Samadhi. This place of Jal-Samadhi has been developed as a beautiful garden in memory of Tana and Riri.

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