Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daria Rajmahal

kirti mandir The Daria Rajmahal was built in the late 19th century by Maharaja Bhavsinhji to designs prepared by the state engineer, Phulchand Parekh. Built in creamy local stone, it stands on the edge of the Arabian Sea and, in its plan and layout, shows distinct Arab influences. However, the facades are Italianate in style, with an interesting blend of Renaissance and Gothic detail conceived by a man of knowledge and taste. Internally, the palace has all the usual princely trappings - chandeliers, painted murals and European furniture. The Town Hall, Library and most other public buildings were all built under the watchful eye of the Maharaja.

The Huzoor palace is a true architectural marvel situated at the edge of the sea. The Palace was built by Natwar Shah, and resembles a European mansion. The palace has neo-Classical pillars and porticoes with a semi-circular design with a sloping timber roof. The European style porticoes and pillars mark the entrance of the palace from different sides. The palace has various wings in a zigzag fashion and railed terraces. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and water fountains, it offers a remarkable view of the Arabian Sea.

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