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Ahmedabad's Darwajas

Ahmedabad's Darwajas

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The Teen Darwaja

Old Ahmedabad city, Gujarat's commercial capital, was encompassed within a fort. This Bhadra fort had 12 darwajas (gates). Each of the darwaja has beautiful carvings, calligraphy and some of them even balconies.

These entrances to the city has a unique name. Pretty much the area surrounding these gates have adopted the name of darwaja as the name of the locality.

  • Teen Darwaja (Tran Darwaja, Three gates) - It is composed of 3 arched entrances was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah to serve as a royal entrance to Maidan Shahi. Mughal emperor Jehangir and his wife Nur Jahan used to watch the Tazia procession of Mahuram from over these gates.
  • Astodia Darwaja
  • Raipur Darwaja
  • Sarangpur Darwaja
  • Panchkuva Darwaja
  • Prem Darwaja
  • Dariyapur Darwaja
  • Delhi Darwaja (Dilli Darwaja) - Entrance in the direction of Delhi.
  • Shahpur Darwaja
  • Khanpur Darwaja
  • Jamalpur Darwaja
  • Shahalam Darwaja
  • Gomtipur Darwaja

A pair of gates (Darwaza) of Ahmedabad are still in a village of Rajasthan namely Nimaj as during the reign of Sarbuland Khan, the Governor of Ahmedabad, it was attacked by Mharaja Abhay Singh of Jodhpur. Nimaj was one of the Thikanas of Marwar under the then Rathore rulers. The Jagridar of Nimaj took the gates of one of the Darwazas of Ahmedabad as a trophy after defeating the force of Sarbuland Khan. Jodhpur army camped at a place which is still known as 'Jodhpur Tekra' and 'Jodhpur village' in Ahmedabad.

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