Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tourist Palaces in Gujarat ¤ The Royal Era

Tourist Palaces in Gujarat

¤ The Royal Era

Vijay Vilas Palace ,  Gujarat The king no longer plays god. Gone are the days of power and paramountcy and so have the brocades of princely splendour. Transgressions of the feudal days have been written of, but still the lure, love and legacy of the royal old days continues to hold its charm. India has a record of the largest number (562) of princely states till 1947. Like beehives they were clustered throughout India, varying in size from a mighty holding like that of Nizam’s Hyderabad down to territories with less than a square mile with “His Highness’ commanding a population of 100 souls generating an annual revenue as low as Rs. 20!

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