Friday, May 20, 2011

Teen Darwaja

Teen Darwaja

Built By: Sultan Ahmed Shah
Year of Construction: 1411 AD

Teen Darwaja GuajratTeen Darwaja is a triple arched gateway, situated in the city of Ahmedabad. It is the landmark of the city and is an architectural masterpiece. The gateway was built by the founder of Ahmedabad, Sultan Ahmed Shah. The foundation of the splendid monument was laid down in the year 1411 AD. Teen Darwaja serves as the entrance to the Royal Square (Maidan Shahi). The imposing structure in the city is known for its extraordinary proportions and ornamentation. It is one of the sought after tourist spots in the city.

The gateway is located in the fort complex. People hang around the structure for basically two purposes, either to admire its royal majesty and architectural grandeur or for a shopping spree. One of the most flourishing shopping zones in Ahmedabad is situated in the vicinity of Teen Darwaja. For an unforgettable experience, don't forget to visit the monument. The market in the area offers a wide variety of items that can be bought, including a rich collection of traditional fabrics and clothes.

The ethnicity of Ahmedabad is spell-bounding. The handicrafts and the traditional folk motif work of the city are its specialty. One can see a profound influence of Hindu, Muslim and Jain art influence in the craftsmanship of these items. Teen Dawaza market is a great crowd puller and attracts a huge influx of tourists. The versatility of the place is such that you name anything and you have it. To experience the beauty of the place at its best, visit it in the evening, when the monument and the neighboring area are brightly lit. The glittering lights in the night are just awe inspiring.

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