Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ranchhodraiji Temple

Ranchhodraiji Temple

Location: Kheda District
Distance: 94 km from Ahemdabad
Attraction: Ranchhodraiji Temple
Dedicated to: Lord Krishna

Ranchhodraiji Temple Ahmedabad GujaratRanchhodraiji Temple is situated in Dakor that comes under the Kheda district of Gujarat. Earlier Dakor was a small village, but with time it has grown into a major commercial center. The small shrine of the initial Ranchhodraiji Temple has now been enclosed in a huge complex. It was built by Shri Gopalrao Jagannath Tambwekar in 1772 A.D. It has brick walls and stones pillars, constructed at the cost of one lakh rupees. The complex is square in shape and has four gates on the outer walls, placed significantly.

The main door faces the Gomati River of India. Apart from this, there are three more doors which lead to the main shrine. The door which faces the Lord opens in front of an audience chamber. The devotees spend a lot of time with the Lord here. The doors to the main Ranchhodraiji shrine remain open throughout the day, except for the afternoon time. This is the period when the Lord is supposed to sleep and take rest. There is even a bedchamber linked with the main chamber of the shrine.

Here, the bed of the Lord is lavishly decorated with fragrant garlands, soft mattress, blankets, gold and silver bedsteads in soft cotton and silk. The deity of the temple is known as Lord Ranchhodraiji and He is regarded as the manifestation of Lord Krishna. There is an interesting story behind the Lord' name as well as the temple. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna fled from the battlefield during a war with an ally of Jarasand and since then, he came to be known as Ranchhodraiji. Ranchhodraiji Temple, in contrast to this, was established here as a result of the Lord's mercy for his devotee.

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