Friday, May 13, 2011

¤ The Showcase of Temples Revealed

¤ The Showcase of Temples Revealed

Digambara monks live completely nakedAs one approaches to top, bits of temples crowning the hill peek out as if striving to communicate with the clouds above. Soon the early rays of the sun takes over the numerous temples where the devotees and the priests are to be seen at their best.

It is the twelfth century Adishwara temple with its facade carved with nine symbols of Jain tradition and spire soaring high above all other, housing the marble statue of Adinath under a canopy of red and white cloth.
The entry is through a heavy brazen door that gives way to a more pleasing inside with marble floor and the countless sculptures that adorn the well with a variety of friezes, while the outside is equally crowded with carvings that borrows heavily from Hindu pantheons.

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