Sunday, October 9, 2011

: Gir National Park

: Gir National Park
On the third day, make safari trips to the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in the morning and afternoon. The vegetation in Gir consists of deciduous forests and is the habitat of the Asiatic lion. Other than lions, one can also see leopards, or spotted deer or chital, sambar, blue bull antelopes, and four-horned antelopes and so on. There are also lots of bird species.

: Gir National Park and Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Safari in Gujaratr
In the next two days, make morning and evening safari trips in the sanctuary. Look for various species of flora and fauna. One can also go to Devaliya, which is an enclosed area for lions, crocodile farm and bird watching areas.

You can also alter one of your tours and make a visit to the spectacular Somnath shore temple, Sun Temple and Ahilya Temple. Have dinner and stay for the night at the lodge.

: Gir National Park – Sayla
Make driving trips to Sayla and towards the afternoon, witness the large flocks of blackbuck antelope.

Sayla is a part of Gujarat and was once a significant state governed by the Jhala Rajputs. It was founded in the year 1751 by Seshmalj who made it the capital of the state. Spend the night at Old Bell Guest House, which is a heritage hotel.

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