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The Haveli At Siddhapur

The Haveli At Siddhapur

Way :
Ahmedabad - 111 KM
The Haveli At Siddhapur
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The Bohras are found in large numbers in Siddhapur. Although the Bohra community follows Islam, they differ to some extent from the rest of the Muslims. During the Solanki rule, the Shia preachers were able to convert Brahmins and Banias into Islam and these are known as the Bohras. This conversion occurred after the invasion of Allauddin Khilji. The houses of the Bohras at Siddhpur are of semi-European fashion, with terraces with railings. The windows are of colored glass and the furniture is similar to rich Muslim households. In the rich homes we find even today many chandeliers with light holders (handi). There were king-sized beds with canopies, tables with marble tops, carved cupboards, glass utensils with lovely carvings or paintings on the walls. Form the outside these 'Haveli' type houses are quite simple in appearance, but within its large rooms it has beautiful furniture and decorations.


Apart from the lain places of pilgrimage, to the n0l1h of Mehsana near Unjha and Unava is the sacred place for the Muslims called Muiradatar. However, here not just the Muslims but the Hindus also come for worship and offerings. All communities join its Fairs held regularly.


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