Thursday, October 20, 2011

सोमनाथ टेम्पले

he First of the twelve Jyotirlingas sung in the famous Shloka ,Someshwar Shiva or Som nath is a Shiva Temple dedicated to Shiva by none other than Atri putra SOM=MOON god.Situtaed at Veraval it is the place where Lord Krishna too chose to breath his last at Neehjh Dhaam Prasthan teerthha.Bhalka ,So it is a Hari Har dham yatra place for all Indians since many many Yugas,some say it comes to 7 crore years ! It had been built with Sphatic stone brillinatly shining by the Moon God.Then with Gold by the Rawana and then by Chandana wood by Lord Krishna himself..Sardar patel led a team of Free Indias leaders to help build this temple AT Public costs when we became a free nation in 1947.Efforts still continue,as the temple attracts Indians -50 lacs of them each year to the coastal town of saurashtra region of Gujarat state.
Ridweda Akhilsukta qoutes Somnath equal in piety divinity to ganga ,Yamuna and saraswati!It is also called Prabhas patan teertha.

We all know how many times -six times after Islamic invasions was the temple and Icons destroyed and wealth looted since 1000 AD.Many Matryrs have given their lives to save this magnificent temple Icon of the Indian Culture from maruading Armies of Icon Idol smashers from the west.This martyrs day 31st Jan why not remember them too?? The people and their Kings armies who lived around this Temple city have since ages gave up their lives fighting to save the glory of the temple against Stronger enemies,with whatever 'support' others must have given in those dis united times with infighting and ego clashes between Indian Kings and their limitations in Mind and Bodies..many like local horseman have been glorified today and even the sculptors who rebuild the temple since geneartions have been honoured by a memorial today.We all salute those great unnamed martyrs on this 'martyrs Day '31st january! 'Non Violence' has not saved us nor it is a true Non violence die to more of us have been annhiliated till now since 1054 AD prithviraj Chauhan forgave the Inavder many times ! Our freedom too was won by Blood of so many and British went away till they could no longer even hold them selves togather after the Great World war 2 what to speak of managing Indians and some of their divisive Leaders !

Present Government since ten years have added many facilites and beutifoed the area for tourists to have a great time visiting the Temple and the Bhalka teerth of Krishna and many temples around the place.

Location: Pincode 362268 -Somnath Prabhas Patan .
Dist. Junagadh .Gujarat. Ahemdabad 465 kms trains and buses frequent..Dwarka -225 kms away to west from here.Nearest airposrt is UT of DIU island nearby 95 kms.Gir is 45 kms and see Junagadh uperkot fort and more Girnar hills Duttatray and many other temples 10,000 steps 90 kms away.

Accomodation-many pvt hotels .Official web site gives more details..Call 02896-231212 or 231200 for stay at Trust Dharamshalas nearby or stay at Gujarat tourism rest house. mail-

Aartee timings 7 am ,12 noon, 7 pm and Sound and Light show 8 pm behind temple tickets bought within temple .First remove all belongings in alocker given or best avoid bringing them altogather for security reasons as Idol breaker groups find this as best Icon target for a attack on Hindus as they did to Gandhinagar Akshardham temple ! Remove shoes at the stall on your left and enter the temple and enjoy the magnificient back ground of the Arabian Sea behind a grand vastu edifice.A arrow shows direct unhindered Path to South Pole .Cameras are Not aloowe inside the temple but still you can carry memories back home as I did from outside the temple! Pictures invite you all to Gujarat -Somanath-Gir Lions and Dwarka and more..

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