Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Guajarat WeatherIn India we usually have threee seasons, summer, winter and monsoon. There is a huge variation experienced in the climatic conditions in the different parts of India. In gujarat also the weather varies in different regions. The places near the coast have a humid climate whereas the ones in the interiors experience a completely different climate. The Rann of Kutch region experiences an extreme climate. The summers are extremely hot while the winters are extremely cold. On the other hand, the coastal regions and the eastern belt of Gujarat experience a mild pleasant climate with moderate rainfall during the monsoons.

On an average, the summers are extremely hot and dry in Gujarat. The day temperature is as high as 46°C while at night it is 34 °C. In the winters, the weather is mild, pleasant and dry. The average temperature during day time is 29 °C and 12 °C during the night. The days are usually sunny and the sky is clear. The monsoon season extends from mid June to September. Before the monsoon, the temperatures are soaring high with an increased humidity in the air. The rain provides relief from the scorching heat. The temperature falls down to 38 °C with high humidity, during the day and 27 °C at night.

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