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Galateshvar Galateshvar
Galateshvar Galateshvar
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Anyone who would visit Dakor would also like to visit Galatesvar. About 16 km from Dakor, this Shiva temple of Solanki era is rich in a11and architecture and situated in a very breathtakingly beautiful natural setting. Although some parts of the Shikhara is damaged, most of the temple is still standing in its original beauty. On the 'sangam' (meeting point) of rivers Mahi and Galati (a small river), it is said, lived Galav Muni Chandrahaas of Puranic fame. In any case, at present the lovely rocky bank of Mahi and beautiful old Shiva temple on it has one spring of the River Galati constantly sprinkling water on the Shivalinga (Abhishek). It has a unique eight-sided hall. The walls have carved figures of of gods, 'gandharvas', humans, Rishis, horse riders, elephant riders, chariots, palanquins and the events of a human life from birth to . death, besides historical event up to that period are all depicted in these carvings and makes the temple highly attractive.

Galateshvar has become a great tourist center. As we move towards Godhara, we come across stone quanies and big cement factories at Savalia and we go on to the left and then a little right we reach the banks of the river Mahi and Vanakbori Thermal Station. Even bigger than the Dhuvaran project, this Power Station and the Vanakbori Dam nearby supplies power and water to Kheda and enrich the agriculture activities of the region. If then we turn to the old principality of Balasinor at a little distance, we come to Raiyali, a world famous site. Yes, world famous in a real sense! Situated at about 12 km from Balasinor, Raiyali has made a place for itself on world map. Very recently from here were recovered bones and fossils of pre-historic huge creatures that. are said to be 6 to 6 Y2 crore years old. On the stone surface also we find clear indications of the possibilities of more such remains from a large and expansive area. But the biggest attraction is that an entire skeleton of one creature has been found here, in a quite intact condition. Also, the eggs of Dinosaurs have been recovered for the first time in the world from here. It is a great thrill to even touch these fossils of such ancient date!

Now let us move on to look a the Bhahiji temple at Fagvel where a large number of people come to aend the Kartik month Fair A little ahead are he hot water springs at Tuva and Lasundra


About 10 km from Kapadvanaj and on the banks of Vatrak is this temple of Shiva in lovely natural sUlToundings. As we climb the 108 steps, we come to a balcony on the right, and here the image of Mother Goddess Jagdamba is installed. Various people come here to perform the 'mundan' ceremony. A big fair is held on Maha Shivratri day. Facilities are made to accommodate the travelers. Being an old, quiet place with beautiful surroundings, it has become a popular place for tourists. The name 'Utkanthesvar' has turned in to 'Untadia' in popular language.

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