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Ahmedabad - 85 KM
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This is also a historical place. The copperplates found from here inform us that it must have been a very prosperous city during 9th century. The Jain literature of Rajput era mentions it as 'Kat'pat Vanijya', meaning trade in cloth. At that time the city was semicircular. Rajmata Minaldevi had visited it too.

Being an ancient site, we come across a large number of architectural remains, step-wells, gates, lakes and temples here. The best of these is 'Kundvav'. It is 1300 m and built by Siddharaj Jaysinh of Solanki era. Besides this, the step-wells of Kantha ni vav, Ranivav and Sigarvav are also known well

'Shilp Ratnakar' informs us that as soon as one enters the city, it used to have Kirti Stambhas or Pillars of Fame. The Kundvav has a large number of niches and recesses and the steps are beautifu11y cut. Inside also we find beautiful carvings. The Kunkavav has a Kirtistambha that is still standing and displaying its lovely and incomparable carvings. Shri Aurobindo Meditation Center that has come up recently is also worth a visit. This is the birthplace of Gujarati poet Rajendra Shah

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