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Ahmedabad - 392 KM
Porbandar Porbandar
Porbandar Porbandar
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As we cross the creek here we come to the Miyani village. The innumerable commemorative stones of the persons who laid their lives for some legendary reasons over the time, appear from a distance as if a large group of cows are sitting down to ruminate. After saluting the bravery shown in wars, romantic stories and self sacrifice, we move on further to reach the town of Porbandar.

Another name of Porbandar is Sudamapuri, a city named after the best, if the poorest friend of Lord Krishna. Another such famous man of Porbbandar, also keeping himself like the poorest of Indians, wearing only one unstitched cloth and yet an incomparable man is viz. Mahatma Gandhi. While the life of the first Sudama lives on only in traditional literature, the story of Gandhi is very recent and most well known over the world.

It is said that since the time of Raja Vikramsinh, the post of chief minister of the state was in the hands of the Gandhi family. The last of the scions was Karamchand Gandhi. To his wife Putliba was born Mohandas, who later became India's 'Father of the Nation'. It is a coincidence that Gandhiji's wife Kasturba also was born in the same city and she also came to be called 'Ba' or Mother by everyone in India. Even today we can see the room and the home where Gandhiji was born. It has naturally become a place of national heritage, and is renamed as "Kirti Mandir'. It gives a real thrill to actually be there and not just see but touch the things that Gandhiji must have touched and used in his early life there. This "Kirti Mandir' has been erected by another great son of the town, Nanji Kalidas. He has aiso built 'Bharat Mandir'and 'Tara Mandir' in the memory of the great ancient sages and seers of India and some images of these distinguished men and women are also placed here.

Porbandar has not only Gandhi Smritit and Gurukul as places of interest; it also has the ancient temple of Sudama. The greatest attraction however is its seacoast, and one should never leave the town without looking at it.

It is said that Porbandar is the city, well-known for two Mohans. One is the Lord Krishna one of the names for whom is Mohan and another is Gandhiji-whos real name is 'Mohan' das Gandhi.

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