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Fast Facts
District: Dadra
Famous for/as: Scenic
Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English
Best Season: Nov - Mar
Weather: Summer 18-39°C, Winter 10-34°C
Altitude: 32 m
Pincode: 396230
STD code: 02638
Silvassa is located in the union territory of Dardar and Nagar Havelli. The Union territory on the whole is paradise for trekkers and backpackers. For tourists who are interested in adventure on the wild side, Silvassa and its surrounding areas will be treat. Silvassa has a Portuguese heritage and a distinct indo-Portuguese culture can be seen.

The city is famous for its natural beauty and its numerous gardens. The deer sanctuary and the lion safari are new and upcoming places in the city. Due to its Portuguese heritage there are many Roman-Catholic churches around the city. The city has become an industrial hub and has a floating population. Many different cultures can be seen in the city due to the constant influx of people.

The surrounding areas are home to many lakes and rivers. Some of the places of interest are the Roman Catholic Church, Vrindaban temple, Dadra Park and Dhudani water sports complex.

The tribal culture museum is a fascinating place. The museum was set up to preserve the tribal culture and traditions. The heritage of Silvassa is preserved in the museum. The museum offers an insight into the culture of the Wari people who are the natives of the area.

Silvassa is very economical and travelers on a budget can find food, accommodation and alcohol are relatively cheap prices.

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