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Rajpipla - Rajvant Palace

Rajpipla - Rajvant Palace

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Ahmedabad - 195 KM
Rajpipla - Rajvant Palace Rajpipla - Rajvant Palace
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In 1915, Maharaja Vijaysinhji constructed this Rajvant Palace on the bank of River Karjan, which gives an aura of some grand building of England. It looks like an European mansion with a Roman dome, Greek net-work, Venetian doors and an attractive arch above them. The architecture on the whole delights the eyes. The huge oil paintings of royal scions, the bright lights of the huge chandeliers and the overall royal effect really invoke awe and wonder

This palace has many large rooms. Some of these are reserved to present as memoirs of the past rulers that include trophies indicating their bravery, stuffed heads Gf wild animals they killed during hunting games, and sa an. In same rooms the furniture is C\ITangedtastefully as lounges for the visitors. The facilities are of really modern standards. A beautifully decorated restaurant in the palace severs all kinds of cuisines. The Palace also has a Conference Room, Banquet Hall and its facilities for bigger occasions.

A beautiful museum displays the lifestyle of the tribes and villages. A cultural center is active in this too. During your stay at the Rajvant Palace of Rajpipla you can easily visit the sacred places like Chanod and Karnali on the River Narmada. The other places of interest within reach are Nareshvar, Garudeshvar and Dabhoi

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