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Travelling in India
Location: Bhuj is located in the westernmost part of the state of Gujarat

The Bhuj is ancient city located in the the western city of India, was gravely suffered during 2001 devastating earthquake. That demolished almost 10% of city, killed many and destroyed many ancient heritage. But there is still much interest left in this lull town. The city is 300km away from Ahmedabad. There are beautiful bazaars, medieval temple and palaces, traditional handicrafts and many other things to see. Bhuj is situated near the Gulf of Kutch, a part of Arabian Sea with low hills and embroidery.

Prag Mahal
Bhuj was founded by Maharao Hamir in the early 16th century. Also during the British rule Bhuj was an independent princely state. After independence it became a part of India. The city is renowned as walled city as it was once fenced by with thick stoned walls. The climate is typical desert because of its proximity with the desert of Rann. Summer is blistering and winter cool and mild. The monsoon is associated with cyclones. The cit

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