Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zorawar Palace.

he town of Palanpur is located in the Indian state of Gujarat, and this town is a very important destination for pilgrims due to the presence of many temples in the region. For this reason, the town of Palanpur is also famous among tourists who flock to this town from all over the country in order to experience the local festivities during the peak season.

The town of Palanpur has a very vibrant history and is immersed in the local heritage of Gujarat. The town is also surrounded on all sides by mountains and hills from the Aravalli range, and this makes its location very scenic and beautiful. The town is also a very important place for Jains, who have established more than fourteen temples in the town. The seven gates that once guarded the fortified town of Palanpur are now in ruins, and these magnificent structures act as locations of tourist interest now. You can also visit the Keethi Stumbh at Palanpur, which is also known as the Victory Tower. This tower was built during the 1930s. There are many palaces in the town of Palanpur that are must visit places as well, and these are the Balaram palace and the Zorawar Palace.

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