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Location - Corner of the southern Satpura Hills.

758 Pench National Park is nestled in the extreme of southern of the Satpura Hills. The park is named after Pench river that flows from north to south through the park. The park is covered with tropical deciduous forests and tropical dry deciduous teak. This ferine forest is crisscrossed with number of streams. The small Pench river dries up in April end but large water holes remains for wild animals. To combat with water scarcity Pench Reservoir has been made, which is the major source of water during summer. Pench river area is a good place to see every types of animal. As a prey concentration is high in that area so that predators are also seen. Leopards are frequently seen predator here and sometimes tigers.

Somnath Temple

The predominant flora of the park is teak and bamboo trees. The commanding forests are mainly of deciduous and tropical mixed deciduous trees. There are various kind of shrubs are found here but the variety of teak is fascinating. The wild terrain is enshrouded with small hills and forests of diverse kind such as teak, saja, bija, lendia, haldu, dhaora, aonla, amaltas etc. The sparkling white Kullu trees are scattered around singly in midst of green.

Pench has the highest number of prey of any park in India. There are approximately more than 10000 different kind of deer. The park is also crowded with gaur(Indian bison), 13 species of reptiles, some species of amphibians and 250 species of birds. It is also home to number of predators like tigers, leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, fox and other ferocious animals.

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