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Travelling in India
Location: It is an island lying off the south coast of Gujarat's Kathiawar peninsula. Diu is a city in Diu district in the state of Daman and Diu, Indian Union Territory.

One of the main reason to come to Gujarat is Diu. The ex Portuguese town is as small as its name but the beguiling beauty of the place beckons travelers from different part of the world. The tiny island is situated at the southern tip of the Saurashtra peninsula of Gujarat, offers travelers fine beaches, whitewashed churches, an imposing fort, colorful markets, savoring sea food, cheap booze and plenty of sunshine. Before the Portuguese the Island was ruled by many kings and dynasties. It has rich ancient history, beginning with the Puranic Hindu period and end with Portuguese from whom it was liberated along with Goa and Daman on 19th December, 1961.

Jet Skiing, Nagoa Beach

Diu is spread over an area of 38.8 sq km and a coastline of 21km. Ghoghla is the entry point of Diu if enter from Una, a town in Saurashtra. The road leads to Diu city is lined with Hoka trees(an African tree) and coconut palms swaying and whispering in the gentle intoxicating sea, welcomes every traveler. Diu fort is undoubtedly the best attraction among tourist. The fort is located on the extreme coast of the island. The fort is also house old cannons and iron shells. Other than fort there are different temples like Gangeshwar and Somnath temple and beaches that are the biggest draw of tourism.

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