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Udvada , Gujarat

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Fast Facts
State: Gujarat
District: Valsad
Famous for/as: Beaches
Languages: Gujarati, Hindi
Best Season: Nov - Mar
Weather: Summer 22-36°C, Winter 10-27°C
Altitude: 11 m
Pincode: 396180
STD code: 02638

Udvada, Gujarat

Calm secluded coastal spot Udvada, renowned holy place of Parsis in India, is credited with the most famous Iranshah Atash Behram, the sacred fire temple of Parsis। Udvada, placed in between Daman and Valsad in Gujarat state, is a seaside village and a well-known heritage site and pilgrim center. It is believed that the fire has been burning in the Iranshah Atash Behram for more than 1,250 years.

Udvada, predominantly populated by Parsis, is the Mecca of Parsis. The series of events, which changed this ordinary hamlet of grazing places for camels or uth vada into a holiest place of Prasis started in the 7th century when Arab invaders conquered the area.

Udvada, the holiest spot of Parsis, is famous for the tongue watering tasty Parsi cuisine. Udvada is different from other Gujarat cities since it has a considerable number of old Parsi buildings, and many are still undamaged. One of the distinctive features of this calm village is that all lanes starts or ends from the main road. Locals remember landmarks instead of the names of the roads to identify the houses of its residents.

Calm Sea Breeze, Greenish surroundings and solitude, Udvada attracts many tourists. This is an ideal tourism gateway for relaxation and to merge with nature’s gifts and enjoy the village life from the cacophony of the strained city life. Composed with narrow lanes, cool wind from the sea, sandy golden relaxing places in seashore and the silence makes Udvada an unequal holiday spot.

Udvada is a must see place in India, as this carries the great legacy of Parsis in India, their culture and heritage.

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