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Travelling in India
Location: On the banks of River Rukmavati, part of Saurashtra.

On the banks of river Rukmavati, just a kilometer away from the Arabian Sea, this small beach town is just lie on the Gulf of Kutch. The nearby city Bhuj is 60km from here. The city displays a rich cultural heritage and few historical heritage. It was once the summer retreat of Maharajas because of its lovely beach. During medieval town, Mandvi was a fortified town and also renowned for its 400 year old shipbuilding center and one can see the small boats being constructed in the traditional techniques by master carpenters even today. The town was famous as a town of merchants and sailors.

Vijay Vilas Palace

It was said that Mandvi was established by first Jadeja ruler of Kutch, Rao Khengarji in the late 16th century. The tourism is delightful and throng by various travelers from India and abroad. The city also a good place to just relax because it has fine climatic condition throughout the year. Mandvi is dotted with old buildings with stone carving and plaster decorations. The architecture is a fusion of Indian and European style. Other than that temples are good place to visit. Other tourist attractions are girl high school ( a former palace) and a light house.

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