Sunday, June 10, 2012


The town of Kheda is located in the Indian state of Gujarat. Kheda is located in the Kheda district of the state. This town is mainly a pilgrim destination, due to the large number of temples located in the region. Pilgrims from across India flock to these temples throughout the year, due to the rich religious significance that these temples in Kheda hold. Tourists also prefer travelling to Kheda to merge with the pilgrim crowd and to witness the architecture of these old temples.

While travelling to the town of Kheda, you must visit the famous temple in Dakor. The temple at Dakor is dedicated to the main deity Lord Krishna. Pilgrims also come to the temple at Dakor in order to see the idol of Lord Ranchhodraiji. There are many other temples dedicated to Lord Krishna that are located in Kheda. You can also take a trip to Shree Mahalakshmi temple, which is located in near the scenic Vatra River. This temple is an old one and is almost 100 years old. The statue in this temple is that of the Goddess Mahalakshmi and the catch here is that this statue is entirely made of pure marble. The Shree Mankameshwar temple in Kheda is also worth a visit. You can also visit the Santaram temple and many other Jain temples in the region.

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