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Travelling in India
Location: In the state of Gujarat, situated in the western part of India.

Porbander is an ancient port on the Saurashtra peninsula, strongly attached with Indian history because of its association with Mahatma Gandhi. It is being the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. Kirti Mandir, which was once the residence of Mahatma Gandhi, is now a major tourist attraction. Porbander is one of the oldest town in western India. The town is also mentioned in Puranic era. According to Hindu mythology, Porbander is the birth place Sudama(great friend of Krishna) and here many tales about Lord Krishna and Sudama originated. The present city was established in 1785 AD by Rana Sartanji. The bastioned around the city testify the illustrious rule of Rana. But during British rule, under the orders of Colonel Lally, it lost its fortification.

Sudama Temple

Porbander is a small and friendly beach side town on the southeast coast of Gujarat. Though the sea is not suitable for swimming but the gentle walking on the tree lined streets enjoying the livening sea breeze, is surely on the itinerary. The place is also studded with many religious and public buildings dominated by the calm water of the sea. There are many attractive places to see other than excursions to Modpar Fort, Ghumli, famous Harshad Mata Temple and Barda Wildlife Sanctuary.

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